With the improvement in weather and the sun peering out a little longer, the timing is ideal to purchase a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses were developed in 1933 and were not a fashion accessory but originally devised as for eye protection against sunlight for Air Force pilots. The original lenses were dark tinted plastic on odd shaped frames and ultimately were introduced as the Aviators.

The sunglass industry has grown dramatically and with the variety available, trying on a pair will immediately divulge whether or not they look good and are the must-haves.  Wearing a pair of shades as an expression of personal style is great; however, sunglasses are incredibly important in protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

The following criteria in a pair of sunglasses can certainly save those peepers.
•    Polarized filters on sunglasses lenses will eliminate 99.9% of the glare.
•    Having bi-gradient mirrors on sunglasses will gain 5 % more protection and cutting the bright light of the squint syndrome.
•    For extra protection, shades need to contain more coverage on the sides of the frames.
•    An anti-reflective coating will help make sure all light frequencies are eliminated.
•    Make sure that your shades provide 100% UV gradient lenses.
•    The best place to seek out a new pair of shades is from an optometrist who deals in trendy designer frames.

The new collection of Chanel's sunglasses comprises of a variety of ultra glam and statement making oversized designs. Favorite shades this season has been donned by Ann Hathaway, Courteney Cox, Kim and Kris Kardashian all designed by the House of Chanel. One thing that’s wonderful about Chanel sunglasses is they’re available in styles that can match the individuality of any woman.

It doesn’t get more luxurious than Chanel and adding a handbag from them is always number one top of the style game. A wonderful addition to any handbag collection perfect for spring summer is an authentic Chanel Beige Flap.

The pre-owned Chanel flap promises that starry-eyed look from others by a polished edge. The soft lambskin exterior is in a versatile beige hue. The shoulder strap makes this used Chanel bag fashionably functional in beige interwoven leather contrasting against a darker tone clinked chain. The same dark hardware is adorned on the double Cs clasp opening.  The back of the exterior has the classic flat pocket.

Under the flap in the interior is a top-stitched CC insignia. There is a zipped pocket allowing items to remain secured. There is ample room to numerous personal items.
An authentic Chanel Flap in beige makes perfect sense for soirees, strolls, and shopping. Just don´t forget to take the Chanel sunglasses.