There is a new interest in crystal. Forget the image of grandma´s ornate stemware languishing in the china closet.  A new generation of contemporary design is evolving from old world favorites such as Baccarat, Nambé, Steuben and Waterford. Fine crystal is nothing short of desirable. The formulation consists of ordinary glass that contains a mixture of lead oxide to increase the light refraction index.

Crystal is categorized into three main groupings based upon its content of lead oxide:

Fine Crystal or Crystalline: A glass mixture enclosing 5% - 10% lead oxide.

Leaded Crystal: A glass mixture holding lead oxide of 10% - 24%.

Full-Leaded Crystal: A glass mixture containing of 24% lead oxide or more.

Although the use of lead oxide makes the crystal sturdier, anything more than 32% lead oxide would cause it to lose its luster.

Fine crystal caters for an individual´s style, personality and preference. Crystal can be presented as work of art in either a classical or modern design. From conventional water pitchers to sleek champagne flutes, it’s that kind of craftsmanship and aim that’s perfectly at home in any setting.

Simply put, crystal is pleasing to own just as an exceptional designer handbag.  Both hold the finishing touch of class that should never be absent.

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