Each year, new perfumes are introduced making it more difficult in choosing a signature scent. Perfume such as “Chanel No. 5,”  is awarded as the highest seller. With an estimated one bottle sold every 55 seconds, it is no wonder that it is considered a classic.

Another contender, “Shalimar,” has a romantic Eastern appeal because it was inspired by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan having it formulated especially for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The perfume namesake comes from Gardens of Shalimar which were Mumtaz Mahal’s favorite gardens.

Among the domestic brands, cosmetics companies jumped in the perfume business and quickly became strong nominees for obtaining the title of best sellers. However, star-struck fans look towards celebrities bearing their name for that scent of stardom.

The perfume that marketed the future rush of celebrity named perfumes was “Passion,” by Elizabeth Taylor in 1988. Today top selling celebrity named scents included “Glow” by Jennifer Lopez, “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker, and “Beckham Signature for Her” by Victoria Beckham.

It looks as though the new fragrances on the horizon for 2011 are still star struck too. Scheduled to debut is this month is Beyoncé´s “Heat Rush.” The buzz in certain circles claims that Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Lady Gaga will be participating as contemporary stars to following suit with their own namesake perfumes.

Buying perfume is just as personalized as purchasing a fabulous designer handbag.  The Chanel flap is always an appropriate choice but selecting one that reflects originality is the key to individuality.  An authentic Chanel Shiny Patent Flap is just the handbag to consider adding to any Chanel collection.

The well-liked tailoring of the classic flap bag is incorporated, but this time the iconic geometric quilted pattern of this pre-owned bag is embossed in distinctive black patent leather. The Chanel shoulder strap is crafted with double interlaced leather chain straps and featuring shiny off-black hardware. The exterior is completed by the double CC logo, also in black patent and silver-tone twist lock closure.

The inside of the used Patent Chanel Flap is roomy and lined in smooth and soft black leather. Looks can be deceiving because the interior can actually fit more than it appears from the outside. Even a small bottle of a favorite scent can fit in comfortably.

The pre-owned and authentic Chanel flap in black patent is nothing short of that perfect little black bag, just as that special aroma screams out "me." Allow both to become the exclusive signatures of style.