Known being the sole hotel made from ice in the Americas, the Ice Hotel in Canada is inspired by the Inuit igloos. This architectural delight is built completely between layers of ice and includes not only its walls but everything, including furnishings. The hotel is only opened seasonally from the 1st flake of snow in the winter until the warmth of the sun begins to melt it in the early spring.

Now celebrating its tenth year, the Ice Hotel is located just 10 minutes from downtown Québec City and has much gained much media attention. In fact, film crews have been coming to the hotel for filming specials, fashion photo shoots, TV advertisements and for programs as seen on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

A unique experience can be had at the Ice Hotel, whether planning an overnight stay or just a visit to its famous Ice Bar, where the glasses themselves are, unsurprisingly, also made of ice.

The Ice Hotel holds an eye-catching adventure, just as does the Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Silver Monogram Miroir Papillon Bag does.

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