Having a baby for a woman brings upon a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction to their lives. However, having a baby does not mean to give up looking polished.

Take a peek at celebrity moms such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Ripa. Even during and after their pregnancies they look stunning. Balancing their careers and families with flair, they never seem to lose their strut in the style department either.

As a new mom, take note of what these and other celebrities on the go have been using when moving about town and elsewhere with their wee ones in tow. One statement maker trendy moms are all in agreement on is to look posh by carrying a fashionable designer diaper bag.

Of course, it is relevant to have a functional diaper bag too. However, it may be difficult to locate one that is attractive instead of cutesy quilted types over run with little ducks or bears. That standard type of diaper bag is inclined to be quite over-sized. Many a mom is apt to place more items into it than is actually needed. This practice will have the bag weigh more than the baby, thus becoming too massive for every day lugging around. Less can definitely be more when it comes to selecting a diaper bag.

Gucci has come to the rescue for recent and trendy mothers with babies or moms-to-be everywhere. Get out of the house with a sleek and fashionable "IT" bag for mothers with babies. An authentic Gucci Diaper Bag Tote is the must-have that celebrity moms have been clamoring for.

The beige color canvas of the pre-owned Gucci Diaper Bag is embellished with Gucci’s iconic logo, and is trimmed in gold leather. The fabric of a diaper bag can be easily spot-cleaned or wiped. The exterior of the Gucci diaper bag offers pockets to store diapers or important documents.

The inside is comprised of several opened compartments, which can effortlessly hold disposable diapers, pacifier and wipes. There one zipped pocket within to secure keys and other small items. The non-slip shoulder straps allow for hand free activities during feeding and holding the baby.

The innovative pre-owned Gucci Diaper Bag tote also contains a changing pad making for easy access during any emergency for a quick diaper replacement.

While there may be other diaper bags to choose from on the market, a pre-owned Gucci is the one designer bag that makes it uncomplicated to look great while touting baby about town with all of baby´s needs. And after baby outgrows the Gucci Diaper Bag tote, it is nice to know that the authentic Gucci can function as a work tote or casual weekend handbag too.